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How To Link Your Mobile Number To Aadhar Card Number? Kannada
Now a days all of we getting a message to our numbers regarding linking our mobile number to aadhar card number. for this we need to visit our provider (Airtel,Vodafone,BSNL etc..) stores. and there is no any online websites to link your mobile number to aadhar number...
Posted on 26 September, 2017
How to Speed Up your Android phone using this Simple Tricks ? Kannada
Using this simple trick we can boost up our android phone speed. especially for old android mobile it works better.to boost up speed in android mobile we need to turn off animation scales in settings. these animation scales helps to improve graphic effects & animation effects while gaming...
Posted on 22 September, 2017
How to Pay Or View Your Electricity Bill Online? Kannada
This artcile explains how to Pay Or View your electricity bill online ? now a days there is a lot of App or Websites availabale for electricity bill payments..Example PayTm, BillDesk Etc...but other then this here i have mentioned links of official websites, BESCOM,HESCOM,GESCOM & MESCOM.
Posted on 18 September, 2017