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Google Chrome Secret Settings Kannada

Google Chrome Browser Top 5 Secret Settings.

All these tutorials are educational purpose only.

Hi, friends in this article you are going to know the top 5 secret settings of Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google and there are more reasons to set Chrome as a primary browser. because of it very fast, secure, you can add a lot of Add-ons in extensions & the major reason is this product is made from Google.
5 Secret Settings Are:
  • How to view chrome multiple tabs in horizontal view insted of vertical view.
  • How to use incognito tab in chrome.
  • How to change default search engine as per your requirment.
  • How enable Simplified view for web pages.
  • How to enable Desktop Site mode & how to use it.
  • All these settings are very useful to customize your browser. To know 5 secret settings details please watch video from below link.

    for more detail pelase watch video.

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