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How to connect Two Computer from two Different Places using Internet

This article explains you to how to connect computer remotely using internet in other words how to take control of other computer using internet.Using Remote desktop Connection we can a connect a two computer with in a network(LAN).if one computer is very far from your work station it is very difficult to take control of that system.we can also connect computer using Remote desktop Connection using static IP & port.
but it will not allow to show screen for both users.at this type of situation we can use a lot of Remote control software's. mainly Team Viewer.it save more time & also it is very popular software to use remote control system using internet.and we can also transfer a files using this software.before starting this you should have good internet speed for both computers.its free version also available for some time period.please go through this link www.teamviewer.com to download. and it is very easy to install.(you can also use this without install option) it is having lot features like video,voice only,text-chat,file transfer,and session recording etc.there are lot of software's are available for freeware, like,
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