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How to Pay Or View Your Electricity Bill Online?

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This artcile explains how to Pay Or View your electricity bill online ? now a days there is a lot of App or Websites availabale for electricity bill payments..Example PayTm, BillDesk Etc...but other then this here i have mentioned links of official websites, BESCOM,HESCOM,GESCOM & MESCOM. using this websites you can able toview your electrcity bill or uou can pay your electricity bill online.Links are as of below:
  • BESCOM:-http://bescom.org/en/pay-bill/
  • HESCOM:-https://www.hescom.co/SCP/Myhome.aspx
  • MESCOM:-https://www.mescom.org.in/SCP/Myhome.aspx
  • GESCOM:-https://www.gescomglb.org/SCP/Myhome.aspx
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