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HTML Tutorials in Kannada for Beginners

About basictutorials.in
www.basictutorials.in is a site where you can get HTML,Excel & Technology related tutorials free,it helps to learn basics with downloadble examples.and also we provide a videos for each example.using videos with downloadable examples, you can understand a HTML very well.here there is no more explanation, but you will get downloads & videos for better understanding.

Note:-In this HTML tutorials you will get only basics of HTML(webdesigning).Detailed tutorial of HTML(webdesigning) will upload later.

Welcome To HTML World!





No need to Learn Anything before you learn HTML.
No need to Install or purchase any other softwares to learn HTML.
Minimum computer knowlegde is enough to learn HTML.
Minimum engish language is enough to learn HTML.

HTML is very easy to learn no need to qualify any degress.minimum english & minimum computer knowlegde is enough to learn HTML.basically some people affraid to learn, because they thinking that this is programming language.HTML is a markup language every one can write a HTML tags.always remember that
"where there's a will, there's a way".

Let's start a HTML tutorials one by one :-)

Below video link gives you a video tutorial of above explanation.