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HTML Tutorials in Kannada for Beginners

About basictutorials.in
www.basictutorials.in is a site where you can get HTML,Excel & Technology related tutorials free,it helps to learn basics with downloadble examples.and also we provide a videos for each example.using videos with downloadable examples, you can understand a HTML very well.here there is no more explanation, but you will get downloads & videos for better understanding.
Note:-In this HTML tutorials you will get only basics of HTML(webdesigning).Detailed tutorial of HTML(webdesigning) will upload later.

Welcome To HTML World!





  • No need to Learn Anything before you learn HTML.
  • No need to Install or purchase any other softwares to learn HTML.
  • Minimum computer knowlegde is enough to learn HTML.
  • Minimum engish language is enough to learn HTML.

  • HTML is very easy to learn no need to qualify any degress.minimum english & minimum computer knowlegde is enough to learn HTML.basically some people affraid to learn, because they thinking that this is programming language.HTML is a markup language every one can write a HTML tags.always remember that
    "where there's a will, there's a way".
    Let's start a HTML tutorials one by one :-)
    Below video link gives you a video tutorial of above explanation.