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Head head section or element contains link,meta tags,scripts,style
Heading in HTML defines 6 levels of Headings, these 6 levels having a difference in font sizes. same like newspaper heading, we need to add some Heading for websites. for that we can use 6 levels of headings depending upon font size.
Title title is used to add your website title and this should add in Head Section.
Body Body tag contains main contents in the html body or browser body.

Open notepad from your computer, and copy the below code in notepad and paste in notepad, then save it as sample.html on your computer, then open this notepad with any browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, etc. Now you will get the idea behind HTML.
HTML Head:-
      Here we can add Links,Script,meta tags,stylesheets etc..

HTML Title:-
   My website Name
HTML Body:-
main content goes here..
HTML Heading:-
       In H1 font-size in Big
       In H2 font-size small comapare to H1
   in the same way upto H6
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