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In HTML we have defind styling into 3 types.
1.Inline Styling
2.Internal Styling
3.External Styling

INLINE STYLING: To do Styling for an HTML elements we need to use <Style> & </Style> attributes.inline style is used to style each element in HTML seperately.it means you need to add style for each element in HTML.it helps you to do styling for small websites, but if you want to do Inline styling for websites which having more pages, it is little bit to do styling using Inline. at that time you can use external styling.in feature you will learn how to external styling.


        <p style="Background-color:blue;color:red;">
     this is the inline style for paragraph or p 
<h1 style="Background-color:blue;color:red;font-size:18px;"> this is the inline style for heading1 or h1 </h1> </body> TRY IT FOR YOUR PRACTICE.

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