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What is Aadhaar 16-Digit Virtual ID? How it Works? Explained
The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) introduces 16-Digit Virtual ID for Aadhaar card users,this id creates a new additional layer of security and also Virtual ID improves privacy security of the Aadhaar card users. Virtual ID share only limited details of Aadhaar KYC.(Know Your Customer)...

How to Make Your Water Bill (BWSSB) Payment Online?
These days we are using online payments mode for all most all our bills like DTH recharge, Mobile Bill recharge,Gas Booking,Electricity Bill recharge etc.. in the same way we can also make water bill payment using Credit Card/Debit card or Internet banking...we will get more websites or portals on internet to pay water bills like PayTM, in this article we will find official website...

How To Link Your Mobile Number To Aadhar Card Number? Kannada
Now a days all of we getting a message to our numbers regarding linking our mobile number to aadhar card number. for this we need to visit our provider (Airtel,Vodafone,BSNL etc..) stores. and there is no any online websites to link your mobile number to aadhar number.if any sites exists on internet please don't update your mobile number & aadhar number. because, to link mobile number & aadhar number you must authonticate your thumb impression..