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How to Check Your Bank Balance via missed call ?
this article explains you to how to check your bank balance using missed call services.as you know that almost all banks giving you a missed call bank services.but if you have more then 2 to 3 bank accounts it is little bit difficult to save missed call numbers...

How to Create a Thumbnail for youtube, using PowerPoint & Paint ?
this article explains you to how to create a thumbnail for youtube videos.maximum youtubers are dont know how to create a thumbnail for his channel.because if you search it in any search engines it shows some sites to create thumbnail.but almost all webisites ask you to pay some money to create thumbnail...

How to do WhatsApp Video Calling (Kannada) ?
WhatsApp is the one of the neccessary application for billions of users on daily basis.now WhatsApp app came up with one new video calling feature with existing voice call feature. this article explains you to how to whatsApp video calling...