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Welcome To PHP World!

www.basictutorials.in provides a free Online PHP Tutorial.it helps to learn PHP basics with downloadble examples.and also we provide a videos for each example.using videos with downloadable examples, you can understand a PHP very well.

What is the use of PHP?
1.With PHP you can create Username & Password Login Pages.
2.With PHP you can create your own projects.
3.With PHP you can insert your user (visitor) data into database using server.
4.With PHP you can create dynamic websites.
5.With PHP You can add,delete,update records in database & many more.

What is PHP?
1.PHP stands for "Hypertext Pre-processor".
2.PHP is the most popular scripting language on web pages.
3.PHP is a open source (Free) scripting language & PHP is extensively used programming language.
4.PHP is a server-sided scripting language & it is not executed on computer with out server, like HTML.
5.Don't worry about server,because no need to spend an extra money to purchase server to test your scripts.
6.To test your scripts you can install free software(server)xampp,Wampserver,etc..
7.PHP is so popular, that if you are looking for a career in the web designing/scripting field.
What You Should Already Know?
Before learning PHP you should have basic knowledge of the following.
1.HTML (to learn HTML tutorial please Click Here ).
2.CSS (Cascade Style Sheet).

Why PHP?
1.PHP is completely free.
2.PHP runs on various platforms( Windows,linux,Mac..etc)
3.PHP is easy to learn.

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