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Q ) Which is the World's Largest Desert?

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KarnatakaWhat is the first newspaper of Karnataka?
KarnatakaWho is the founder of Kadamba dynasty?
KarnatakaWho established the Vijayanagar empire in Karnataka?
Karnatakawhere is the Indian Institute of Technology located in Karnataka?
KarnatakaWho served as first Chief Minister of Karnataka & Mysore?
KarnatakaWhat is the symbol of Karnataka state emblem?
KarnatakaAlamatti Dam is built on which River?
KarnatakaWho is known as “Father of Karnataka music”?
KarnatakaWho Among the following had built beautiful temples at Pattadakallu and Aihole?
KarnatakaWhich among the following villages of Karnataka is known as “Jalianwala Bagh” of the South?