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MS Word Kannada Video Tutorials

Microsoft Word is developed by Microsoft. using this we can create Resumes, Notes, Books & Assignments, etc.. using MS Word it is very easy to create head & footers, Text Alignments, Borders, Margins etc...our website provides you a video Tutorial in Kannada.

Microsoft Word Tutorial for Beginners

for beginners, it helps to start a good carrier with MS Word. Using Built-in M S Word functions we can create our notes as per our requirements. MS Word has a number of powerful features like, Find and Replace, Spelling and grammar checker, word count, etc. on our website, we discussed MS Word Ribbon and Groups in detail.

How to Open MS Word?

The Opening of M S Word in your windows OS or Mac is very easy. follow the below steps to open Microsoft Excel.
Step 1. Click on Start Button-->All Programs-->Microsoft Office-->Click In Microsoft Word.
Step 2. Click on Window+R (Run) -->Type winword->Enter
Step 3. Click Command+Space to open Spotlight Search-->Type Microsoft word-->Enter to Open Word in Mac.

Note:- Please watch full Tutorial for complete understanding. leave your comments or suggestions in the below form for better videos.

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